YEAKE Vanity Makeup Mirror with Natural Bamboo Stand,8 Inch 1X/3X Magnification Double Sided 360 Deg

YEAKE Magnifying Makeup Mirror Review: A Portable Countertop Must-Have


A good mirror is crucial for makeup application. Not all mirrors are the same. The YEAKE Magnifying Mirror for Makeup is designed to give you the best experience in makeup application. This mirror is portable and lightweight, making it easy to use at home and on the move. We will be reviewing the YEAKE Magnifying Mirror and its benefits.

Features and benefits

The YEAKE Magnifying Mirror is a unique mirror that offers a variety of benefits and features that are unmatched by other mirrors on market. Here are a few key features:

1. Magnification

Magnification is one of the most notable features of this mirror. The mirror has a 3X magnification which is great for close-up makeup applications. The mirror’s magnification allows you to see every part of your face when applying makeup.

2. Portable Design

This mirror’s portable design is another great feature. This mirror folds up easily and can be packed away for easy travel. The mirror comes with a handy storage pouch that protects it from scratches and dings.

3. LED Lights

The YEAKE Magnifying Mirror comes with LED lights. The lights emit bright, natural light that is similar to daylight. This allows you to apply flawless makeup even in low light conditions.

4. Countertop Stand

The included countertop stand is another benefit to this mirror. The included countertop stand makes it easy to prop the mirror on any surface. It can be used on a vanity top, bathroom counter, or even a desk.

5. Adjustable Angle

Adjustable angles are also available on the YEAKE Magnifying Mirror. This allows you to position your mirror at the ideal angle for your makeup application needs.

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Use the YEAKE Magnifying Makeup mirror

The YEAKE Magnifying Mirror for Makeup is simple to use. Simply unfold the mirror, and place it on the countertop stand. Adjust the angle and then turn on the LED lights. The LED lights provide natural light and magnification that make it easy to apply makeup accurately and with precision.

Pros and cons


  • 3X Magnification provides close-up detail
  • It’s portable and easy to take with you on your next trip
  • LED lights provide bright, natural light
  • For easy use, countertop stand
  • You can adjust the angle to create a personalized experience


  • Some users may find magnification too strong
  • LED lights may need to be recharged frequently.
  • Some users may not find the countertop stand strong enough


The YEAKE Magnifying Makeup Mirror makes a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, professional makeup mirror. This mirror is portable and easy to use, thanks to its 3X magnification and natural LED lights. Although there are some potential drawbacks, the mirror’s benefits far outweigh them. If you are looking for a new makeup mirror, the YEAKE Magnifying Mirror is a good choice.

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