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Lemax 94017 Skating Pond – A Perfect Addition to Your Holiday Decorations


The Lemax 94017 Skating Pond, part of the Lemax Collection is a charming piece. The figurine shows people of all ages skating on a frozen lake. This figurine is ideal for collectors and anyone looking to add charm to winter holiday decorations.

Unpacking and Assembly

You will be amazed at how well the Lemax 94017 Skating Pond has been packed to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. It is simple to assemble and doesn’t require any tools. Connect the adapter to an electrical outlet and it will come to life.

Design and Detail

This figurine is truly amazing in its design and detail. Every detail, from the realistic texture of ice to the individual pieces worn by each person’s clothing, has been meticulously designed. This figurine is a true work of art because of the attention to detail in the skates, hats and mittens each skater wears.

Durability and quality

Lemax is well-known for making high-quality products. The Skating Pond is no exception. These pieces are made of durable materials that will withstand the test. This piece can be used for many more holidays if taken care of properly.

Lighting and Sound

The Skating Pond is visually stunning, but it also features sound effects and lighting that bring it to life. The warm glow of the lights creates a welcoming atmosphere. The soothing sounds of the skates on ice add authenticity.

Features and Functionality

The Lemax 94017 Skating Pond has many unique features and functions that make it stand out. The skaters move around the pond in a pleasing way, creating a feeling of motion that is pleasant to the eyes. The figurine can also play music, adding an additional layer of enjoyment.

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The Skating Pond is a versatile addition for holiday decor. You can add it to a larger Lemax display or you can place it on its own. It can be used in many locations, including a living room mantel or a front porch display.


The Lemax 94017 Skating Pond is one of many figurines and accessories that make it a collectible piece. Collectors can continue to add to their collection year after year and enjoy their Lemax pieces for many years.

Proven track record

Lemax has a track record of producing high-quality holiday decor pieces. They have a reputation for making beautiful and durable products that last.

Support for Customers

Lemax is also well-known for their exceptional customer service. Lemax’s customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have about your Skating Pond, or any other Lemax product.

Price and Value

The Lemax 94017 Skating Pond has a reasonable price, making it a great deal for the high-quality product that it is. This is a great investment that will bring you enjoyment for many years.

Decorating Ideas

There are many decorating options for the Skating Pond. You can place it on a table with other winter-themed decorations or add it to a mantel display. You can also make a winter wonderland with other Lemax figurines such as a ski lift and a winter village.

Family-Friendly Decoration

Skating Pond is a fun decoration that everyone can enjoy, including children. It adds a whimsical touch and brightens up any room.

Low maintenance and safe

Skating Pond is a low-maintenance decoration that is safe. It is safe and non-hazardous, so it is a great choice for families with small children and pets. It requires very little maintenance, so you can enjoy it without worrying about constant upkeep.

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Perfect gift

The Lemax 94017 Skating Pond is a great gift for anyone who enjoys holiday decorations or winter. It is a thoughtful gift that will be treasured for many years.

Enhancing the Mood

Skating Ponds are not only decorative, but they also enhance the mood in any space. The soothing sound of the skating on the ice and the warm glow of the lighting create a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Unique and creative

Lemax 94017 Skating Pond stands out as a creative and original piece of art. It stands out among other decorations because of its intricate details and captivating effects.

Perfect for Winter-Themed Parties

The Skating Pond is great for winter parties. It can be used as a centerpiece or added to other decorations to create a winter-themed atmosphere.

Memory-Making Decoration

The Skating Pond is a wonderful decoration that will make happy memories for many years to come. It is ideal for families who love spending time together during holidays.

Timeless and Classic

Skating Pond’s timeless design will never go out-of-fashion. It will be a treasured decoration for many generations making it a worthwhile investment.

Fostering Creativity

Children are encouraged to be creative by the skating pond. It encourages children to express themselves and provides a chance for parents to bond with their children through the joy of decorating.

Elegance and sophistication

The Skating Pond adds elegance and sophistication to any space it is placed in. Its thoughtful design and intricate details make it a beautiful decoration that enhances any room’s beauty.

Storytelling Piece

The Skating Pond is a storytelling piece that creates a sense nostalgia and wonder. It allows you to share your stories and memories from past winters with your family and friends.

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High-Quality Decorations are Important

It is hard to overstate the importance of high-quality decorations. They bring joy to our holidays and enrich our lives. The Lemax 94017 Skating Pond, a high-quality decoration made to last, is a great example.

The Joy of Collecting

Many people find joy in collecting Lemax figurines. It allows you to share your passion with others and creates a sense community.

Capturing the Magic of Winter

The Skating Pond brings winter’s magic into our homes. It brings joy and wonder to the holidays.

Tradition and Celebration

Skating Pond is both tradition and celebration in one. It is a celebration of the holiday season and a reminder of the joys that winter brings.


The Lemax 94017 Skating Pond makes a great addition to holiday decorations. It is a true work-of-art due to its intricate design, attention and high quality craftsmanship. It is ideal for families, collectors, and anyone who wishes to add a touch more whimsy into their winter decor.

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