Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Scented, Classic 22oz Large Jar Single Wick Candle, Over 1

Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cupcake Review

A perfect fragrance for dessert lovers

Freshly baked cupcakes are the one thing that can instantly bring me back to childhood memories. It instantly makes me feel at home, happy, warm, and cozy. When I saw the Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cupcake I knew I had got to have it. This review will share my experiences with this candle and explain why it’s so great for dessert lovers.

Impressive packaging: First impression

Yankee Candle did an amazing job packaging this candle. I love aesthetics and Yankee Candle is a great company to work with. The label shows a clear image that looks like a vanilla cupcake with gorgeous frosting. It makes my mouth water. The candle comes in a large jar that protects the flame from drafts as well as the wax from dust.

Fragrance: Sweet and aromatic

The Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cupcake fragrance was overwhelming when I first lit it. It is sweet and fragrant, but not overwhelming. This is ideal for people who are sensitive to strong scents. It fills the room in with the comforting aromas of vanilla, buttercream, sugar. It’s like eating freshly baked cupcakes without all the calories.

Longevity: Lasts hours

Its longevity is something I love about this candle. It burns for hours, filling the room with its sweet scent from start to finish. The candle will also burn longer because the wax melts evenly.

High Quality Ingredients are used to ensure the highest quality

Yankee Candle is well-known for making high quality candles. The Large Vanilla Cupcake is no exception. It is made with high-quality wax and fragrances that have been perfectly blended. This candle is a result of a lot thought and effort.

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Perfect for gifting

Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cupcake is a great gift idea for dessert lovers. The packaging is stunning and the scent will delight their senses. The scent is comforting and uplifting, making it a great gift idea.

Use the Candle

To ensure the Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cupcake’s safety and longevity, there are a few things you should do. To prevent sooting and smoking, trim the wick to 1/4″ before lighting. To create a pool of wax, burn the candle for at most two hours. Finally, use a snuffer to extinguish any wax splattering.

Alternatives to Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cupcake

Yankee Candle also offers other scents that might be a good choice if you don’t like vanilla cupcakes. These are some of the most popular:

  • Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake
  • Yankee Candle Blueberry Scone
  • Yankee Candle Lemon Pound Cake


Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cupcake is a must have for dessert lovers. It’s sweet and aromatic, and fills the space with the comforting scent of vanilla cupcakes. This candle is made with premium ingredients, lasts for hours and is perfect for any occasion. This candle is perfect for gifting or treating yourself.

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