ZOBER Wrapping Paper Storage Container - Fits 14 to 20 Standard Rolls Up to 40"- Slim De

The Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Wrapping Supplies


Christmas is coming and so is the task of wrapping gifts for loved ones. Although the idea of giving gifts is a joyous occasion, it can be overwhelming to think about how to store wrapping paper, gift bags, or accessories. ZOBER has created a storage bag that organizes all your wrapping supplies in one place. We will be reviewing the ZOBER wrapping paper organizer to show you how it can make your holiday season more enjoyable.

Design and Construction

The ZOBER wrapping paper organizer has a high-quality, durable material that can withstand the weight and weight of all your wrapping supplies. It can store up to 25 standard-sized rolls of wrapping paper. It can store wrapping paper in addition to two clear plastic pockets that can be used to store accessories like ribbons, bows and tags. The zippered lid keeps your supplies safe and secure from dust and damage.

Convenience and size

The ZOBER wrapping papers organizer measures just 40.5″ x 13.5″x 5.5″ and can be stored in any closet or under the mattress. The organizer also comes with two sturdy handles that make it easy to take wherever you go. You can easily transport your supplies, whether you’re wrapping gifts at home or at the house of a friend.

Functionality and ease of use

The ZOBER wrapping paper organizer’s functionality is one of its best features. The adjustable dividers can be removed and adjusted to fit any size wrapping paper. Clear plastic pockets make it easy to see all the accessories inside. Your supplies will remain safe and dust-free with the zippered lid.

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Pros and cons


  • Durable construction
  • Stockists up to 25 standard-size rolls of wrapping paper
  • Two clear plastic pockets are available for storage of accessories
  • Zipper lid to keep your supplies clean and secure
  • You can adjust the dividers to fit any wrapping paper size
  • Compact size allows for easy storage


  • The plastic pockets aren’t very deep and may not accommodate larger accessories.
  • The organizer’s dividers may be a little too fragile and could move around if they are moved.
  • The price point might be higher than other wrapping paper organizers


The ZOBER wrapping paper organize is a great investment for those who love to wrap gifts. It’s durable construction, adjustable dividers and clear plastic pockets make it an easy-to-use storage bag. It has some minor drawbacks but its overall functionality and convenience outweigh them. The ZOBER wrapping paper organizer is a great option if you want a simple way to store all your wrapping supplies.

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