Honeywell CO60PM 2471 CFM Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Air Cooler (Swamp Cooler) with Mechanical Contr

Stay Cool in the Heat with Honeywell CO60PM – 2471 CFM Evaporative Air Cooler – Mechanical Control – 365 Days of Comfort


Are you looking for an efficient and effective evaporative cooler for your home or business? Honeywell 1540-2471 Triple-Sided Evaporative CO60PM could be the right solution for you. This cooler packs a punch thanks to its triple-sided honeycomb cooling medium, large water tank capacity, user-friendly controls, and maximum comfort in your space. We’ll be taking a closer look at key features of the Honeywell 201540-2471 CO60PM cooler and discussing its pros and cons. This will help you decide if it is the right cooling system.

Key Features

The Honeywell 1540-2471 CO60PM Evaporative Air Cooler has the following amazing features:

Triple-sided honeycomb cooling media

The three-sided cooling media ensures that the air is evenly distributed throughout the room and provides efficient cooling. Honeycomb cooling media is durable, energy-efficient and easy to clean.

Large water tank capacity

The CO60PM’s 15.6-gallon water tank allows it to run for extended periods of time without the need for refilling.

User-friendly controls

The digital display and remote control make it easy to adjust the temperature, fan speed and other settings. The CO60PM has an 8-hour shutoff timer and an auto shut-off feature when the water tank is empty.


The CO60PM features a sleek design with wheels and non-slip feet. This allows for stability and easy movement. Its compact size makes it ideal for spaces up to 850 square feet.

Pros of Honeywell 1540-2471 CO60PM

These are the Honeywell 1540-2471CO60PM’s advantages that make it an excellent evaporative cooler:

Saves energy

The CO60PM uses less energy than air conditioners, using just 190 watts to operate.

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Evaporative cooling

The CO60PM’s evaporative cooling process makes it ideal for dry climates. It adds moisture to the air and makes it more comfortable to inhale.

Cooling capacity large

This cooler is ideal for large rooms up to 850 square foot.


The controls are simple to use and the remote makes it easier to adjust the settings.

Cons of Honeywell 1540-2471 CO60PM

Here are some not-so-great Honeywell 1540-2471 CO60PM features:

Airflow is relatively low

This cooler has a lower airflow than other evaporative coolers. It is therefore better for personal cooling and not whole-room cooling.

Regular maintenance is necessary

The cooling pads should be regularly cleaned and replaced as necessary.

High humidity areas are not recommended

This cooler is intended for dry climates, and may not work as well in humid areas.


The Honeywell 1540-2471 Co60PM evaporative cooling unit is an efficient and reliable alternative to traditional air conditioners. Its large water tank capacity, triple-sided cooling media and user-friendly features make the CO60PM a great choice for personal or small-to-medium-sized room cooling. It is portable and easy-to-use, making it a great addition for any home or office.

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