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Schleich World of Pieces Advent Calendar Review


Children look forward to opening their advent calendars each morning when Christmas is near. They are filled with surprises, chocolates, and other goodies. Parents who want to give their children something unique, educational and fun during Christmas are going to love the Schleich World of Pieces Advent Calendar.

Product Description and Features

The Schleich World of Pieces Advent Calendar has a 24 day countdown that starts on December 1st, and ends on Christmas Eve. Your child will be able to explore a different world every day with the help of different figurines, animals and vehicles. You can combine pieces to create a whole new world. This advent calendar includes themes such as animals, dinosaurs and horses, farm life, wild animals, and vehicles. Each toy and every addition are made with the same attention to detail that Schleich toys are known for.

Benefits of the SchleichWorldofPieces Advent Calendar

Both the child and the parent will benefit from this advent calendar. It creates excitement and anticipation for the holiday season. Parents can spend quality time with their children and help them build their miniature worlds day by day. As they build their miniature worlds, the child learns about animals and vehicles. A decorative calendar can be used to decorate the home and create happy family memories.

Unboxing Experience

It is an amazing experience to open the Schleich World of Pieces Advent Calendar. The outer packaging is attractive and clearly displays the contents. The box opens into a foldable calendar featuring colorful scenery. Each day contains a compartment that holds a new accessory or toy piece. To keep the toys in perfect condition until opened, they are individually packed.

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Toys and Accessories of High Quality

The Schleich World of Pieces Advent Calendar features high-quality toys that are durable, versatile, and made from non-toxic materials. Each accessory and figurine is meticulously made and polished with precision. Children can explore the many toys and discover different animals and themes. It encourages children to play imaginatively, sparking their curiosity and creativity. The toys are easy to store and clean, making them great for repeated play throughout the year.


The Schleich World of Pieces Advent Calendar has a great price and is a great value. The quality of the toys is excellent and the accessories are very affordable. Each toy is made from non-toxic materials, which adds to its value and ensures your child’s safety.


The Schleich World of Parts Advent Calendar is a great product. However, there are some issues to be aware of before you purchase it. Some toys are too small and can pose a danger to children as they can be choking hazards. Some accessories can also be fragile and could break if handled rough.


The Schleich World of Parts Advent Calendar is a great addition to any family home during this festive season. It offers a different and exciting approach to traditional advent calendars, with toys that encourage creativity and imagination among children. It creates happy memories that last a lifetime and strengthens family relationships. Order your Schleich World of Pieces Advent Calendar now to give your child a memorable and meaningful Christmas experience.

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