ProPik Wrapping Paper Storage Bag | Gift Wrap Holder Organizer | 2 Pack Store Up to 48 R

ProPik Wrapping Organizer – A Must-Have for Gift Wrapping Enthusiasts

Are you fed up with messy and unorganized gift wrapping materials? Are you having trouble finding the right ribbon or wrapping paper? The ProPik Wrapping Organiser will solve all your problems. This storage container is cleverly designed to hold everything you need to make professional-looking gifts. For a detailed review of this product, please read on.

Design and Build Quality

ProPik’s Wrapping Organizer is made of durable, high-quality plastic that can withstand everyday wear and tear. The transparent lid allows you to see inside the container without opening it. To keep your supplies safe and secure, the lid snaps securely onto the base.

Storage Capacity

The ProPik Wrapping Organizer can store up to 50 rolls worth of wrapping paper. This is ideal for those who like to stock up on different types and occasions of paper. You can also store ribbons, bows and tape. You’ll be able keep everything organized and tidy with its many pockets and compartments.

It’s easy to use

The best thing about the ProPik Wrapping Organizer? It’s easy to use. Simply open the lid to access the supplies you need. Clear see-through design makes it easy to locate what you need. It is lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for gift wrappers who prefer to wrap gifts in multiple locations.

Overall, the ProPik wrapping organizer exceeded our expectations. Its sturdy construction, ample storage space, and ease-of-use make it a must have for gift wrapping enthusiasts. We recommend the ProPik wrapping organizer to anyone who is tired of messy, unorganized gift wrapping supplies.

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  • Durable, high-quality plastic construction
  • Clear see-through lid allows for easy visual access
  • Huge storage space for up to 50 rolls wrapping paper
  • Multiple pockets and compartments allow for easy organization
  • Easy to transport and light weight


  • The container is larger than the average, so it may not be suitable to those with limited storage space.
  • It can be a little tricky to attach the lid to the base
  • This container is intended for wrapping supplies only and may not work for other storage types.


The ProPik Wrapping Organiser is the ideal product for those who are tired of messy gift wrapping supplies. It’s durable construction, large storage capacity, and simple-to-use design will make it a great choice. You won’t regret giving it a shot!

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