ProPik Hanging Double Sided Gift Bag Storage Organizer with Multiple Front and Back Pockets Organize

ProPik Hanging Organizer: The Solution for Multiple Storage Needs

The ProPik Hanging Organiser is a versatile storage solution. This organizer is durable and has multiple pockets that make it easy to organize many items in different settings. The ProPik Hanging Organizer is the perfect solution for you, whether you need to organize your shoes, jewelry collection, or crafting supplies.

Design and Construction

ProPik Hanging Organizer uses durable, high-quality materials and is built to last. The organizer’s main body is made of heavy-duty fabric that can support multiple items. The pockets are made of breathable mesh, which allows you to see what’s in them. The organizer measures 42 inches x 17 inches and has 16 pockets in varying sizes. This gives you ample space to store all your belongings.

ProPik’s Hanging Organizer is made of sturdy metal and can be hung from any standard closet rod. The organizer is fully loaded and the hanger is strong enough to withstand the weight without breaking or bending.


The ProPik Hanging Organizer has a wide range of uses, making it a great choice for any apartment, dorm, or home. You can store everything you need, from shoes and socks to jewelry and craft supplies, in the various sizes of the pockets. This organizer is ideal for small items such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other small items.

The organizer’s portability makes it easy for you to move from one room to another or take with you on your travels. The ProPik Hanging Organizer is a great option for those with limited closet space. It will help keep your belongings organized and easily reachable.

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Use in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a popular place to use the ProPik Hanging Organiser. Hanging the organizer in your closet will allow you to keep all your shoes, belts and accessories in one spot. This makes it easy for you to find what your looking for and keeps your belongings tidy and organized.

You can store small items like jewelry, cosmetics and other small items in the organizer’s pockets. These items can be stored in the organizer to free up valuable space and make your bedroom feel larger and more spacious.

Use in the Bathroom

The ProPik Hanging Organizer can also be used in the bathroom. The organizer can be hung on the back of the bathroom door to keep all your toiletries organized and easily accessible. The pockets are great for organizing items such as hairbrushes and razors. The larger pockets can store towels and washcloths.

The ProPik Hanging Organiser is an excellent way to add storage to a small bathroom. The organizer is made of breathable materials so you don’t have to worry that your items will get moldy or musty.

Use in the Craft Room

You know how important it can be to keep organized if you are a crafter. The ProPik Hanging Organizer can be used to store your crafting supplies, no matter if you are a scrapbooker, knitter, or painter. The large pockets can hold skeins and spools or ribbons and jars and paint whereas the smaller pockets can store knitting needles, scissors and other small items.

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The ProPik Hanging Organizer can also be used to organize your sewing supplies. The pockets can be used for thread, bobbins and needles. The larger pockets can store fabric and pattern books.

Use in the Playroom

Parents know how difficult it can be to keep kids’ rooms clean. The ProPik Hanging Organiser can make this task easier. You can make a place for all their books and toys by hanging the organizer in the closet or at the back of the door.

The smaller toys, such as action figures and dolls can be stored in the pockets, while books, stuffed animals and board games can be stored in the larger pockets. As they can see exactly where each toy is, the organizer is a great way for your children to learn organization and tidiness.


The ProPik Hanging Organizer can be used in a variety different settings. The organizer’s sturdy construction and multiple pockets make it ideal to store shoes, jewelry, craft supplies, and other items. The ProPik Hanging Organizer will help you keep your belongings tidy and clutter-free, regardless of whether you have limited closet space or are just looking for a way that you can organize them.

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