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Projection Digital Clock – A Sleek Bedroom Must-Have

You are looking for a clock that projects time onto your ceiling and also doubles as a charger? The Projection Digital Clock is the perfect choice.

Unboxing the Clock

The Projection Digital Clock impressed me immediately upon my first use. It comes with a manual and a power adapter, making setup easy.

Setting up the Clock

It is very easy to set up the Projection Digital Clock. It is as simple as plugging the clock into the power adapter, and connecting it to an electrical outlet. The clock doesn’t require batteries, which I find both convenient and environmentally-friendly.

The Projection Feature

The clock’s projection feature is what sets it apart from other digital watches. The clock can project the time on your ceiling with large, bright numbers. This is great for people who like to keep their rooms dark at night. You can adjust the angle of the projection feature to project time in any direction.

The Display

The clock display is bright, easy to read and has large numbers that show the date and time. The temperature sensor displays the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit units.

The Alarm

The Projection Digital Clock’s alarm function is simple to set and can be customized to suit your needs. There are many different alarm tones available, and you can adjust the volume to your preference. For those who need to get a few extra minutes sleep each night, the snooze function is a great addition.

The Charger

This clock can also charge your electronic devices. You can charge your tablet or phone while you sleep with the USB port on the clock. This is great for people who depend on their devices for entertainment or work.

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The Design

The Projection Digital Clock’s sleek black-and-white design is both stylish and modern. The clock is small and can be placed on a nightstand or on a desk. Its easy-to-read display with projection feature makes it a great addition for any bedroom or office.

Pros and cons


  • The clock is sleek and modern in design.
  • The projection feature is bright, and easy to adjust.
  • The clock can charge electronic devices.
  • It is simple to set up and customize the alarm.


  • There are only a few options for alarm tones.
  • The projection feature may not be compatible with high ceilings or textured ceilings.

The Verdict

The Projection Digital Clock makes a great addition for any bedroom or office. Its sleek design, large display and versatile projection feature make it stand apart from other digital clocks. Its USB charging port is a nice bonus. The ease of customization and setup make it an excellent value for the price.

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