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Orgonite Crystal for Protection and Meditation


Orgonite Crystal is a powerful and unique way to protect yourself against negative energy and improve your meditation practice. This incredible device was created using the principles and energy of Orgone energy. Orgone is believed to be the life force which surrounds all living things.

What is Orgonite Crystal?

Orgonite Crystal, a unique device, is made of a combination resin, metal shavings and crystals. It is designed to attract and transform negativity into positive energy, creating a balance in mind, body, spirit. Orgonite Crystal is available in many sizes and shapes, including the well-known Dodecahedron.

How Orgonite Crystal Works

Orgonite Crystal is built on the principles and energy of Orgone energy. This energy is thought to exist in all places in the universe. It is similar to what we call “life force” and “chi”. Negative energy is attracted to an Orgonite Crystal when it comes in contact with the metal shavings. The crystals then transform it into positive energy.

Orgonite Crystal: The Benefits

Orgonite Crystal has many benefits, including:

1. Protection against Negative Energy

Orgonite crystal’s main benefit is its ability protect you against negative energy. It attracts and transforms negative energy into positive energy, creating a more harmonious and balanced environment.

2. Enhancing Meditation Practice

Orgonite crystal is great for improving your meditation practice. You can meditate deeper by focusing and being calmer.

3. Increased energy and vitality

Orgonite Crystal is known to increase energy levels and vitality. This is believed to be due to the positive energy it generates and the overall balance that it brings to the mind and body.

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4. Improve your sleep quality

Orgonite Crystal has been shown in studies to improve sleep quality. This is because it reduces stress and anxiety, creating a more peaceful environment.

How to Use Orgonite Crystal

It is very easy to use Orgonite Crystal. You just need to place it where you want to create more harmony and balance in your environment. It could be placed on your desk at work or in your bedroom.

Orgonite Crystal’s History

Wilhelm Reich discovered Orgonite Crystal for the first time in the 1930s. Reich was a student at Sigmund Freud. He believed that Orgonite Crystal was responsible for harmony and balance in life.


Orgonite Crystal is a great option if you want to shield yourself from negative energy and improve your meditation practice. It is easy to use, creates harmony and balance, and has many benefits for the mind, body, as well as the spirit. Try it today to see the incredible benefits.

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