North Mountain Supply - NMS Amorim Grape #9 #9 Premium Natural Agglomerated Corks 15/16"

North Mountain Supply Premium Agglomerated Corks Review

About the Product

The North Mountain Supply Premium Agglomerated Corks are an essential tool for wine enthusiasts and winemakers. These corks are made from high-quality agglomerated cork that provides the perfect seal for your wines, preserving their flavor and aromas.


These premium cork stoppers are designed to fit most standard wine bottles, making them versatile and easy to use. They have a standard size of 9 x 1.5 inches and a T-top shape, allowing for easy insertion and removal.

Quality and Durability

One of the standout features of these corks is their exceptional quality and durability. The agglomerated cork material used in their construction offers excellent compression and expansion properties, ensuring a tight seal every time. This helps prevent unwanted oxygen exposure, safeguarding the quality of your wines.

Easy to Use

Inserting and removing these corks is a breeze, thanks to their T-top shape. Whether you’re a professional winemaker or a home enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the convenience and ease of use offered by these corks.

Perfect Seal

The North Mountain Supply Premium Agglomerated Corks create a tight seal that helps prevent leakage and contamination, ensuring that your wine stays fresh and flavorful for longer periods. This is especially important for aging wines that require extended periods of bottle maturation.


These corks are compatible with a wide range of wine bottles, making them suitable for any wine-making or bottling project. Whether you’re using standard-sized Bordeaux or Burgundy bottles, these corks will fit securely and provide a reliable seal.

Considerate Packaging

The North Mountain Supply Premium Agglomerated Corks come in a convenient pack of 100, providing you with more than enough corks for multiple wine-bottling endeavors. The packaging is designed to keep the corks in excellent condition, ensuring that they arrive intact and ready to use.

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Value for Money

When it comes to the price-to-performance ratio, these corks offer excellent value for money. Considering their high-quality construction and sealing capabilities, they are a cost-effective choice for both commercial winemakers and home enthusiasts.

Customer Feedback

Customers who have purchased the North Mountain Supply Premium Agglomerated Corks have praised their quality and performance. Many have emphasized the tight seal they create and the ease of use during both bottling and opening. Customers also appreciate the compatibility with various bottle sizes, allowing them to use these corks for multiple wine projects.


Overall, the North Mountain Supply Premium Agglomerated Corks are a reliable and convenient choice for anyone involved in wine-making or bottling. With their excellent sealing capabilities, easy insertion, and compatibility with various bottle sizes, these corks offer exceptional value for money. Invest in these corks to ensure the long-term preservation of your wines and enhance your winemaking experience.

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