Loloi II Layla Collection LAY-03 Traditional Olive / Charcoal 9'-0" x 12'-0" Area Rug :

Loloi II LAYLLAY-03OLCC90C0 Collection Charcoal Area Rug: A Professional Review


Are you looking for a rug that will not only add richness and beauty to your home but also lasts a lifetime? Loloi II Layllay-03OLCC90C0 Charcoal Area Rug is the right choice for you. As an expert in interior decor, I have reviewed the area rug to help you understand why it is the right fit for your home.

Design and colors:

Loloi II LAYLLAY-01OLCC90C0 Charcoal Area Rug features a symmetrical and intricate design that will impress your guests. It is easy to match modern and traditional decors with its subtle design. This rug’s dominant color is charcoal. It is a bold, elegant color that adds style and sophistication to any space. Other colors in the color palette include grey, beige and cream, which are complementary to the charcoal color.

Material and durability:

The Loloi II Laylay-03OLCC90C0 Collection Charcoal Area Rug made of high-quality polypropylene material is durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. This rug is soft and comfortable, and it can withstand heavy foot traffic for years without showing signs of wear.

Size and shape:

This area rug comes in a variety of sizes, from 2’6′ x 7’6′ to 13′ x 18, making it suitable for any room. This rug’s most common shape is rectangular. For those who prefer something a little different, it is also available in square and round shapes.

Comfort and texture:

The Loloi II LAYLLAY -03OLCC90C0 Collection Charcoal Area Rug was designed to provide warmth and comfort for your feet, especially in cold weather. The rug’s texture is soft and smooth making it perfect for lounging on or walking barefoot. This rug has a pile height of 0.43 inches. This provides a cushioning effect.

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Placement in a Room:

The Loloi II LAYLLAY -03OLCC90C0 Collection Charcoal Area Rug can be used in every room of your home. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas. Its neutral color and simple pattern make it easy for any decor style to incorporate.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Loloi II LAYLLAY–03OLCC90C0 Charcoal Area Rug’s polypropylene material is easy to clean. Regular vacuuming is recommended in order to keep the rug clean. The rug can be cleaned with mild detergent and water in the event of spillages. The rug is resistant to staining so spills won’t ruin its beauty.


  • The rug is made from durable, high-quality material.
  • The design and color can be used in any style of decor.
  • The rug is soft and comfortable to walk on.
  • It is easy to clean up and maintain.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any room
  • Value for money


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Not suitable for high-moisture places like bathrooms
  • Rooms with excessively shed pets may not be suitable

Customer feedback:

Customers who have used the Loloi II LAYLLAY -03OLCC90C0 Charcoal Area Rug in their homes have given it positive feedback. Customers love the rug’s color and design, as well as its durability and comfort. It has been highly rated by customers and they have recommended it to others who are looking for an area rug that is stylish and practical.


The Loloi II Layllay-03OLCC90C0 Charcoal Area Rug is a durable and well-designed area rug that can be used in any home. The rug’s rich color, pattern, soft texture, and sophisticated design add sophistication to any room. It is easy to clean and maintain, giving you value for money. As an interior decor expert, I recommend this rug to anyone looking for a practical and stylish rug.

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