Kasla Evaporative Cooler Cover for Hessaire MF37M / MFC3600 Evaporative Cooler,Squares S

Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler – A Powerful and Efficient Cooling Solution


The Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler is a high-performance cooling system that provides instant relief from the scorching heat. With its advanced technology and sleek design, this air cooler is a must-have for any space, be it your home, office, or any other indoor area.

Powerful Cooling Performance

The Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler features a powerful motor that delivers an impressive airflow of up to 3600 cubic feet per minute (CFM). This ensures quick and efficient cooling, even in large rooms or open spaces. Say goodbye to unbearable heat and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment with Kasla.

Efficient Evaporative Cooling

Unlike traditional air conditioners that rely on heavy refrigerants and consume excessive energy, the Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler offers a more eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling solution. It utilizes the natural process of evaporation, where warm air is pulled through water-soaked cooling pads, resulting in cooler and moisturized air.

Easy Operation

This air cooler is incredibly user-friendly, making it suitable for everyone. It comes with intuitive control buttons and a digital display that allows you to adjust the settings easily. You can choose between three different fan speeds and activate the oscillation feature for enhanced air circulation. The remote control adds convenience, allowing you to control the cooler from anywhere in the room.

Large Water Tank and Continuous Water Supply

The Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler comes with a generous water tank capacity of 8 gallons, ensuring continuous cooling for extended periods without the need for frequent refills. Additionally, it features a convenient water inlet, allowing for easy connection to a continuous water supply for uninterrupted cooling.

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Intelligent Features

This air cooler is equipped with intelligent features that enhance its performance and convenience. The built-in timer allows you to set the desired operating time, enabling automatic shut-off after a specified duration. The cooler also features a water shortage alarm and automatic water pump protection, ensuring its longevity and preventing any damage.

Quiet and Energy Efficient

Unlike traditional air conditioners that produce loud noises and consume high energy, the Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler operates quietly and efficiently. Its advanced motor and fan design ensure minimal sound levels, making it ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, and other quiet spaces. Moreover, it consumes significantly less energy, helping you save on electricity bills.

Portability and Versatility

The Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler is designed for convenience and versatility. It features durable caster wheels and a lightweight construction, allowing you to easily move it from one room to another. Whether you want to cool your living room during the day or your bedroom at night, this air cooler has got you covered.

Low Maintenance

With Kasla, you can say goodbye to the hassle of extensive maintenance. The air cooler comes with easily removable and washable cooling pads, ensuring optimum performance and cleanliness. The water tank is also easy to clean, preventing any buildup of impurities and maintaining the efficiency of the cooler.

Safety Features

Your safety is a top priority with the Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler. It is equipped with a child lock function that prevents accidental operation by young children. Additionally, it features an automatic shut-off when the water tank is empty, protecting the motor and preventing any potential hazards.

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Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality

Not only does the Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler provide exceptional cooling, but it also helps improve the indoor air quality. Its filtration system effectively removes dust particles, allergens, and other airborne pollutants, ensuring cleaner and healthier air in your living or working space.


The Kasla Evaporative Air Cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution that offers exceptional performance, convenience, and versatility. With its powerful airflow, eco-friendly operation, and intelligent features, it provides instant relief from the heat while ensuring optimum comfort. Say goodbye to sweaty days and nights and embrace the refreshing coolness of Kasla.

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