Intex 18 Inch Inflatable Fiber-Tech Elevated Premium Plush Comfort Airbed Mattress with

Intex Inflatable Fiber-Tech Elevated Mattress


If you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable air mattress, the Intex Inflatable Fiber-Tech Elevated Mattress is a great option. With a built-in pump and a durable, high-strength fiber tech construction, this mattress is designed to provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience.


One of the standout features of this mattress is its comfort. The elevated height and soft, plush surface make it feel like you’re sleeping on a regular bed. The mattress also has a built-in pillow rest that supports your neck and head, ensuring a comfortable sleeping position.


The mattress is made with high-strength fiber tech construction, making it more durable than other air mattresses in this price range. The tough material is resistant to punctures and tears, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about a leak.


Another great feature is the built-in pump, which makes inflating and deflating the mattress quick and easy. The pump is also powerful enough to inflate the mattress in just a few minutes, so you can get to bed faster.

Size and Weight Capacity

This mattress comes in a queen size and can support up to 600 pounds. This makes it a great option for those who need a larger sleeping surface or want to accommodate more than one person.

Sleeping Experience

Overall, the Intex Inflatable Fiber-Tech Elevated Mattress provides a comfortable sleeping experience that is comparable to a regular bed. The soft surface and built-in pillow rest make it great for those who struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position.


Setting up the mattress is quick and easy. After plugging in the built-in pump, the mattress can be inflated in just a few minutes. Deflating and packing up is just as easy, making this mattress a great option for camping trips or other outdoor adventures.

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The Intex Inflatable Fiber-Tech Elevated Mattress is also a great value. It’s affordably priced and provides a high level of comfort and durability that you would expect from a more expensive mattress.


If you’re looking for an affordable air mattress that won’t sacrifice comfort or durability, the Intex Inflatable Fiber-Tech Elevated Mattress is a great choice. With its built-in pump and high-strength construction, you can count on a good night’s sleep whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

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