Home Intuition Heavy Duty Adjustable Bed Risers Furniture Riser 3, 5 or 8.7-Inch, 4 Pack, 8-Piece Se

Home Intuition Adjustable Risers – The Solution to Additional Furniture Height Needs


Living spaces highly affect our mood and behavior, and your furniture has a significant impact on the ambiance and overall feel of your home. However, furniture oftentimes requires additional height adjustment to meet individual preferences or special needs. Fortunately, Home Intuition offers an adjustable riser that provides an easy and efficient solution to this problem.

Design and Features

The Home Intuition Adjustable Risers are designed with durable and tough materials that guarantee strength and stability. The risers have a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs, which makes them suitable for different types of furniture, such as sofas, couches, chairs, and beds. Additionally, they are made of a high-quality, non-slip rubber material that ensures that the furniture is firmly in place.

The risers come in a set of four, with each piece having a maximum height of 3 inches. This feature allows room for adjustments based on individual height preferences and the furniture type.

Installation and Use

The Home Intuition Adjustable Risers are easy to install, requiring no screws, tools or complicated procedures. The risers easily fit under the furniture legs, and its non-slip design ensures that it stays in place. The risers come in handy for different situations like under bed storage, medical situations that require extra height, elderly assistance and more. So whether you’re temporarily using it or its a permanent fixture, installing the Home Intuition Adjustable Risers will not damage your furniture and it’s an effortless technique to achieve more height.


Using the Home Intuition Adjustable Risers have numerous benefits. First and foremost, they offer an affordable and easy solution for those who need additional furniture height, which is a problem that has been challenging to solve. Thus, the adjustable risers help users to avoid costly replacements and repairs that come with buying new furniture.

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Whether it is due to aging, injury, or medical conditions, a person’s height requirement for comfortable furniture changes. The Home Intuition Adjustable Risers provide a simple and efficient solution to this problem. They can easily support furniture by adding an additional 3 inches of height, which improves both the user’s comfort and overall functionality of the furniture.

Besides that, the adjustable risers are a practical and permanent solution to the common problem of under-bed storage. The extra height provided by the risers creates more space under the furniture, which can be used for storage.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Home Intuition Adjustable Risers consider the product to be a practical and useful addition to homes. One review mentioned how they love that they can adjust the height to suit their needs, while another mentioned how easy the installation process was.

Other reviews state that the risers ease movement on beds for elderly citizens, as well as offering a corrective height adjustment with no more back pain due to an incorrect posture.


The Home Intuition Adjustable Risers are the solution for anyone looking to add some extra height to their furniture while still maintaining stability. The product is affordable, easy to install, and will enhance overall usability in a variety of settings. Besides that, the adjustable risers are practical for various situations like height adjustment, eldercare, temporary medical situations, more under-bed storage and form part of basic home accessories.

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