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Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads: A Great Memory Keeper

As a mom or dad, we all have a desire to capture every milestone and memory of our children. This desire leads us to create scrapbooks, photo albums, and even home videos. Capturing their early years is something that we can cherish for a lifetime. One of the most special ways to capture these precious moments is by having an imprint of their tiny hand and footprints. This is where the Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads by Scotamalone comes in to help.

What is Scotamalone?

Scotamalone is a brand that is known for creating innovative and affordable products for families. They have a great range of products that help parents to cherish these special moments of our children’s growing years. Their products are of high quality and are durable enough to last for years. Cleanliness is something that they take seriously hence each of their products come with easy to follow instructions on how to clean them.

What are Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads?

Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads are designed, keeping in mind the best interests of parents who want to preserve the memories of their children by capturing their tiny hands and feet. With these Ink Pads, capturing these moments has never been easier. You don’t need to go to any professional or even leave your home to capture these priceless impressions of your little ones.

What Makes Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads Special?

The Scotamalone Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads are unique in their own way. Here’s what makes them special:

Perfect Size for Tiny Hands and Feet

The size of these ink pads is just perfect for little feet or hands. They are big enough to capture every little detail but not too big that it becomes difficult to work with the baby’s tiny feet or hands.

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Dry Quickly and Smudge-Free

The ink dries quickly making sure that there are no smudges or smears, which is something that is extremely important when dealing with infants or toddlers.

Safe to Use

The ink that is used in the pads is non-toxic and safe to use on babies, making it the perfect product to rely on when making prints of your baby’s feet or hands.

Easy to Use

The Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads are very easy to use as all you need is to press the infant’s hand or foot onto the ink pad and then press onto the paper or card being used.

Great for a Variety of Surfaces

The ink pads are great for a variety of surfaces such as white t-shirts, canvases, scrapbooks or even canvas bags. They are also ideal for homemade gifts.

How to Use Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads?

To use the Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Prepare the Baby

Before starting, make sure that the baby is fed, fresh and relaxed which will ensure that they will be happy during this process.

Step 2: Prepare the Surface

Make sure to have the surface already chosen that you will be using to capture the imprints such as a card, paper or t-shirt. Make sure the surface is clean and ready for the ink pad to be applied to it.

Step 3: Apply the Ink

Now, it’s time to apply the ink. Start by removing the ink pad from its packaging and applying the ink to the area in which the imprint will be made. If you are making an imprint of their foot, guide the foot onto the ink pad so that the ink covers most of the foot. If it is a handprint, make sure that the hand is fully covered in ink.

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Step 4: Make the Imprint

Once the ink has been applied, gently press the baby’s foot or hand onto the surface which has already been chosen. Ensure that the foot or hand is placed evenly on the surface.

Step 5: Ensure Quality

If you are not satisfied with the imprint, make sure that it is done again. This is because once the ink dries, the imprint will be permanent.

What Can You Do with Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads?

The options available on how to use these imprints are countless. Here are a few ideas:


The imprints can be used to make beautiful scrapbook layouts. You can add embellishments to enhance the beauty and make it more presentable.

Greeting Cards

Use these impr3ints as an alternative to handwritten notes on greeting cards for special occasions like birthdays and holidays such as Christmas or Easter.


These imprints can also be used as keepsakes, framed to be placed in a baby’s room or displayed around the house.


If you have a baby shower or christening event coming up, these imprints can be a great token of appreciation. They can also be used as homemade gifts as well!

Why Should You Buy the Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads by Scotamalone?

The Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads by Scotamalone is a game-changer when it comes to capturing your baby’s prints. Here are a few reasons why you should buy them:

Easy to Use

They are easy to use. Even if it is your first time, you can do it at home without any professional help.

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The price point for these ink pads is just right. They are a low cost that families can afford, making them accessible to everyone. This makes them an affordable solution to capture those special moments.

Perfect Gift

In our culture, when a new baby is born, we think of ways to shower the new parents and baby with love and affection. These ink pads are a great addition to a hamper or a thoughtful addition to a baby shower.


These ink pads are versatile and can also be used for other printing purposes, making them a practical purchase for any household.

These are just a few reasons why you should buy Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads by Scotamalone.

The Conclusion

The Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads by Scotamalone are an excellent way to cherish and keep memories of your baby’s first years. The ink pads are high-quality, easy to use, affordable, and versatile, making them the perfect product for any parent who wants to make memories of their baby. The ink pads are safe to use, dry quickly, and make smudge-free imprints. Whether you want to create scrapbook layouts, have a keepsake, or create homemade gifts, these ink pads will help you do it all with ease. So, it’s time to start capturing those memories today!

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