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GUPUP Backlight Changing RGB LED Strip Lights

You might consider LED strip lighting if you want to create ambiance in your home. If you are looking for something both affordable and high-quality, the GUPUP Backlight Changing RGBLED Strip Lights is a great option. We’ll be looking at the unique features of these lights and determining if they are worth your investment.

Design and Specifications

GUPUP Backlight Changing RGB LED String Lights are a set that comes in a 16.4-foot reel. They are self-adhesive so you can stick them wherever you like without worrying about them falling. The lights are energy efficient and can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

The LED strip lights are equipped with 5050 SMD RGB LEDs. This means that they’re bright and colorful. You can also change the modes and colors of the lights with the remote control to create different moods or atmospheres in your home.

Installation Process

The GUPUP Backlight Changing RGBLED Strip Lights installation is simple and requires no special tools or skills. You just need to clean the surface you wish to install the lights on, then peel off the protective layer at the back and stick it to the surface.

After you have installed the LED strip lights you can cut them to the length you desire using the markings on the strips. This allows you adjust the length of the lights to suit the dimensions of your room.

Color and Brightness

GUPUP Backlight Changing RGBLED Strip Lights are stunning in terms of brightness and colors. You have 16 colors to choose from and they are all bright and vibrant. You can adjust the brightness to your preference with the dimming function.

There are many modes available for the strip lights. These modes include flashing and fading as well as jumping. You can also control the speed at which colors change to create the right mood in your home.

Remote Control

The remote control included with the GUPUP Backlight-Changing RGB LED Strip Lights can be used to change the modes and colors of the lights. It is simple to use. The package includes a CR2025 lithium battery.

You can use the remote control to adjust the speed and timing of the modes, turn the lights on or off, and change the brightness and color. You can also save your settings so you can recreate the same mood every time you use the lights.


GUPUP Backlight Changing RGBLED Strip Lights are highly customizable. The lights can be cut to fit your space. You can also connect additional strips to create longer runs of lights. This allows you to create unique patterns with the lights in your house.


GUPUP Backlight Changing RGB LED String Lights are safe to use. They don’t emit heat or radiation. They are free of harmful chemicals such as mercury and lead, making them safe to use for you and your loved ones.

Value for money

GUPUP Backlight Changing RGB LED String Lights are a cost-effective and high-quality lighting option that will add ambiance to your home. These lights are easy-to-install and customizable. They also come in a variety of colors and modes to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your home. These lights offer excellent value for money.


GUPUP Backlight Changing RGB LED Light Strip Lights is a great option if you are looking for a low-cost, high-quality solution to your LED strip lighting needs. These lights are versatile, customizable, easy to use, and a great addition to any home. These lights can transform your home’s ambiance.

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