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Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger Review


Tired of tripping on your bike every time that you enter your garage? The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger is the answer! This space-saving, innovative bike hanger is the ideal solution to store your bike safely and out of the way.

Design and Installation

The Gootus Wall Mount Hanger for Bike is both functional and beautiful. The sleek black design will look great in any space. The sturdy materials will ensure that your bike is securely attached. Easy installation is possible with all the hardware included. The instructions are simple and clear, so even a novice can mount the hanger in no matter how long it takes.

Space-Saving Solutions

The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger’s best feature is its ability to save space. This hanger is ideal for those who live in small apartments or have limited garage space. Mounting your bike on the wall frees up valuable floor space, allowing you to store or live more comfortably.


The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger works with all types of bikes, including mountain bikes and electric bikes. The hanger can support up to 66 lbs, making it suitable even for adult-sized bikes. The adjustable arms allow for different sizes of bike frames, making it easy to fit your bicycle securely onto the hanger.

Safety and Security

The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger will keep your bike safe and secure in high-traffic areas. The lock mechanism ensures that your bike remains in place when mounted to the wall. The padded arm protects your bike from damage and the hanger can be used to secure it to the wall.

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The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger’s durability is one of its most distinctive features. The hanger is made of high-quality materials such as steel and aluminum. It can withstand the weight of your bike for a long time. The black powder-coated finish provides additional protection against wear and tear.


The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger also has the advantage of being easily accessible. It’s easy to reach your bike from anywhere you want it to be by mounting it on the wall. This is especially helpful if your bike is frequently used as you don’t have to navigate around it on a floor. You can adjust the height of the hanger to suit your needs.

Value for money

The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger is a great value at a very competitive price. This hanger is a great investment because of its high-quality construction and multiple mounting options. It also makes it easy to install.

Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for this! The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger is loved by many customers. One reviewer said, “This wall mount hanger is amazing!” It was easy to install, and I was able mount my bike on the wall in minutes. Another reviewer said, “I was skeptical about hanging my expensive mountain bike on the walls, but this hanger has been so strong and secure that it is no worry for me.”


The Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger will save you space, protect your bike and keep it safe. This hanger is a must have for bike owners because of its sleek design, ease of installation, and great value.

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