Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: 13 Days - The Nightmare Before Christmas (Blacklight), Multi

Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight Review: A Must-Have for Funko Fans!


Funko Pop is synonymous with collectibles and pop culture. Each year, Funko Pop releases an advent calendar featuring some of the most beloved and beloved characters from movies and TV shows. Funko has released a Blacklight Advent Calendar this year, which is already generating a lot of buzz in the market. This review will explore the Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight, and why it’s worth adding.

What is a Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight and what does it mean?

Before we get into the review, let us first explain what a Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight actually is. The calendar comes in a 24-window box. One window is for each day leading up Christmas. Each window contains a surprise Funko Pop vinyl figure, which glows in the dark when exposed black light. The calendar includes figures from popular franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Unboxing the Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight

The packaging of the Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight stands out. The box is sleek and features some of the figures in the calendar. The calendar can be carried around with ease thanks to the handle on the packaging. You’ll find 24 windows inside the box with each day number. The figures are wrapped in plastic to ensure that they are kept safe and in good condition. As with all Funko Pop vinyl figures, the figures are high-quality and extremely detailed.

What figures are included in the Blacklight Advent Calendar

The figures in the calendar come from a variety popular franchises, as previously mentioned. Venom, Batman and Darth Vader are just a few of the many figures that are included in the calendar. The best thing about this year’s advent calendar is the glow effect that all of the figures make when they are exposed to black light.

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Quality of the Figures

Funko is known for making high-quality vinyl figures. The Blacklight Advent Calendar is no exception. The figures are well made and weigh a lot. The figures are well-made and have vivid colors. Each character has a unique detail. The figures become more alive when exposed to black light. This allows you to appreciate the design and detail even more.

The Advent Calendar’s Overall Value

Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight makes a great addition for any Funko fan’s collection. Each figure is unique and well-designed making it a must have for collectors. The advent calendar adds excitement and fun by having the figures glow in dark. The downside to the advent calendar is its price, which can be a little high for some. The advent calendar’s cost is justified when you consider the quality of the figures and the design.


The Funko Pop Advent Calendar Blacklight is an excellent buy. The calendar includes high-quality figures that are well-designed. The advent calendar’s glow-in-the dark feature adds an extra layer of excitement. This advent calendar is a must-have for Funko fans.

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