FABRICART LUXURY VELVET BED RUNNER SET | Scarf | Throw | with 2 cushion cover 18" X 18"

Fabricart Luxury Velvet Runner and Cushion: A Complete Review


You are looking for high-quality velvet runners or cushions to enhance your home decor? Fabricart Luxury Velvet Runner & Cushion is the perfect choice! This set is made of premium materials and features a stunning design to elevate your living area. We will review this product in detail to help you decide if it is the right fit for you.

Design and Material

Fabricart Luxury Velvet Cushion and Runner Set is made from the finest velvet material. It is well-known for its softness as well as durability. The cushion and runner are both beautifully designed with intricate patterns that complement one another. The cushion measures 45×45 cm and the runner measures 80×30 cm.

Quality and comfort

Fabricart Luxury Velvet Runner & Cushion’s outstanding comfort is one of its most distinctive features. The velvet material feels soft and luxurious against your skin. The cushion provides excellent support for your spine when you are seated. Both the cushion and runner are made from high-quality materials that are durable.

Style and color

Fabricart Luxury Velvet Cushion Runner and Cushion Set comes in a variety colors and styles. This allows you to choose the one that matches your home decor. There are five colors available: black, grey, navy, light, and burgundy. Each color option has a unique pattern that adds sophistication to your living spaces.

Care and Usage

The Fabricart Luxury Velvet Cushion Runner and Cushion Set is versatile and can be used in many ways. The runner can be used on your coffee table or dining table. You can also place it on your bedroom dresser to add elegance and style to your bedroom. The cushion can be used on your couch or bed. The set can be machine washed or tumble dried for easy care.

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– Soft, comfortable velvet material. Durable and long-lasting. Beautifully designed with intricate patterns. Available in a variety colors and styles to match your home decor. Suitable for use at a variety settings.


Although the Fabricart Luxury Velvet Cushion Runner and Cushion Set is a great product overall, there are a few drawbacks. The price is higher than other runners and cushions available on the market. The velvet material can collect dust and may need to be cleaned more often than other materials.


Fabricart Luxury Velvet Runners and Cushions are high-quality, luxurious velvet runners and cushions that will enhance your home’s decor. This product is made of premium materials and can be used in a variety settings. It is more expensive than other runners and cushions but the quality and comfort make it well worth it.

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