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EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves Review

About the Product

Are you looking to find a sturdy and reliable storage solution for your kitchen? EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves is the best choice. These shelves can be used to store your kitchen appliances and utensils. They also add industrial style to your kitchen.

Design and durability

These shelves are made from durable steel and are built to last. Modern design is enhanced by the black powder-coated finish. Each shelf can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds making them ideal for storage heavy items such as pots and pans.

Easy Assembly and Installation

The shelves come pre-assembled and include all necessary hardware. To mount the shelves on your wall, all you need is a drill bit and a level. Installation is easy and takes no time.

Flexible Storage

These shelves are available in two sizes: 24x12x92inches and 36x14x92inches. They provide ample storage space. The three-tier design allows you to organize your kitchen in the most efficient way possible.

Microwave Shelf

These kitchen shelves have a top shelf that can hold your microwave. This feature not only saves counter space, but also makes it easy for you to reach your microwave when you need. The top shelf can support a maximum weight of 110 pounds making it ideal for large microwaves.

Multifunctional Storage

These shelves can be used to store your microwave and other kitchen appliances such as blenders and toasters. This makes it easy for you to find your appliances and reduces the time spent searching.

Elegant Design

These shelves can be matched to any decor style. The black finish and sleek design add a classic touch in your kitchen. This industrial style is a conversation starter and adds a rustic touch to your space.

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Space Saving

Lack of storage space in the kitchen is a major concern for homeowners. These shelves are designed to maximize space and allow you to move more freely. These shelves can be placed above your countertops or on the island of your kitchen, freeing up valuable counter space.

High Quality Material

EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves made from high-quality steel ensures they can withstand daily kitchen use. The powder-coated finish provides extra protection against rust and corrosion.

Simple Cleaning

These shelves are easy-to-clean and require little maintenance. To wipe them down, all you need is a damp cloth. They are also resistant against stains so you don’t have to worry if any spills or splatters cause permanent damage.

Value for money

These shelves are a great choice for anyone who needs extra kitchen storage. These shelves are affordable and provide great value for money. EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves are durable and of high quality.

The pros of EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves

– Strong and durable- Efficient assembly and installation- Designed to conserve space- Can support heavy weight- Versatile storage options – Elegant and timeless design

Cons of EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves

– Not suitable for small kitchens – Can be difficult to install for those who don’t have DIY experience – May be too heavy to hang on some walls

Customer Reviews

Customers love the EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves. These shelves are loved by customers for their durability, design, and cost-effectiveness. Many customers have reported that the shelves helped organize their kitchens and free up counter space.

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These shelves were the perfect storage solution for me. These shelves are easy to put together and can hold all my kitchen appliances. Highly recommended!”

“I love the industrial design these shelves have. These shelves add rustic charm to my minimalist kitchen. They can also withstand the weight of heavy pots and pans. Excellent value for money!

“These shelves have transformed the kitchen!” They are so easy to put up and provide so much storage space. They allow me to keep all my appliances in one location without cluttering up my counters. I would recommend it!


The EnHomee Kitchen Industrial Microwave Shelves is a must-have item for homeowners looking for a space-saving, durable and versatile storage solution. These shelves not only function well but also add industrial flair to your kitchen. These shelves will transform your kitchen.

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