COCODOR Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser / Garden Lavender / 6.7oz(200ml) / 1 Pack / Reed Diffuse

Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser Review


Are you looking for a unique home fragrance? One that is both functional and adds an elegant touch to your space? Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser might be worth a look. With the use of real flowers, this diffuser is different from other diffusers. The lavender version, which I had the pleasure to use, creates a calm atmosphere that helps me unwind and relax after a long day. This review will cover everything you need about Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser.


When I received the Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser, the first thing that caught me attention was its beautiful packaging. It comes in a sturdy, well-designed cardboard box that makes it a great gift option. The lavender variant has delicate, realistic lavender flowers that add elegance and sophistication to my bedroom. The vase feels sturdy and high-quality, which I appreciate. It is clear and comes with a plastic stopper that holds the flowers in place. This ensures that the product does not get damaged during shipping.

How it works

The Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser releases the fragrance slowly from the flowers. The diffuser’s design makes it last for a long period of time, up to 60 days. It doesn’t require maintenance or complicated procedures. It is easy to use – I just need to remove the plastic stopper, and place the diffuser wherever I want the fragrance spread. It is also worth noting the diffuser is non-alcohol, making it safe and suitable for sensitive skin.


The Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser smelled wonderful. The lavender scent is subtle and delicate and not overwhelming. It creates a natural atmosphere in my room. It has a fresh, clean scent that lasts for several weeks. I have received many compliments about how beautiful my room smells. It is perfect for people who like mild scents that don’t irritate their noses and prefer not to be too complex.

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Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser’s low maintenance is one of its best features. The diffuser doesn’t require any maintenance other than to make sure that the vase is full. I found that I didn’t have to refill the vase as often as I used it, even though I did so quite often. The essential oils and the flowers do a wonderful job of releasing the scent without any assistance.

Value for money

Although the Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser is more expensive than other diffusers, I found it to be a great value for money. It lasts a long time and the vase and flowers add a unique touch of beauty to any room. The lavender version retails at $27, which I consider a fair price for a product that offers both aromatherapy and aesthetic appeal.


  • Real flowers add elegance and sophistication to any space
  • A long-lasting, subtle fragrance that isn’t overwhelming
  • Low-maintenance without the need for electricity or batteries
  • Safe for sensitive skin and free of alcohol


  • The price is quite high compared to other diffusers
  • Some people may not like the fragrance notes.

Possibile Improvements

The Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser is a great product. However, I’d like to see some improvements. To appeal to a wider range of people, the fragrance notes could be more complex. A wider selection of flower types would allow consumers to find the diffuser that best suits their needs. Third, I’d like to see the prices be more affordable so that it is more accessible for those who are interested in trying the product.


The Cocodor Preserved Flower Diffuser makes a great gift for those who love both aesthetics and fragrance. It is distinguished by its unique features like real flowers and a long-lasting scent. While the price might be a deterrent to some, the product is a great value for money and doesn’t require any maintenance. It is definitely worth the investment.

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