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BSG Fermax Yeast Nutrient Review


As an amateur brewer, I am always searching for ways to improve the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of my beer. Fermentation is a crucial step in the brewing process, and adding a yeast nutrient like BSG Fermax Yeast Nutrient can greatly improve the efficiency of fermentation. In this review, I will be sharing my experience with this product.


BSG Fermax yeast nutrient is crafted with a careful blend of essential nutrients that aid in the healthy propagation of yeast. It is made with diammonium phosphate, yeast hulls, magnesium sulfate, and vitamin B complex. These ingredients are used to increase overall yeast health, enhance flavor, and reduce off-flavors or aromas.


I added the BSG Fermax yeast nutrient to my wort during the boiling process as recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to follow the instructions precisely to avoid unfavorable results. I used one teaspoon of this product per five gallons of wort.

Aroma and Flavor:

The addition of the BSG Fermax yeast nutrient improved the final flavor and aroma of my beer noticeably. It helped to reduce any off-flavors such as sulfur or diacetyl, and improved the depth of flavors. The beer tasted smoother and less harsh than previous batches.


I noticed an improvement in clarity as well after using BSG Fermax yeast nutrient. The finished beer was crystal clear and visually appealing. This is an important factor for both visual satisfaction and competition.


Using BSG Fermax yeast nutrient made a noticeable difference in the fermentation process. The yeast propagated faster and more thoroughly, leading to a smoother and less astringent beer. The fermentation process went more smoothly overall, even with a higher gravity wort.

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It is clear that BSG Fermax yeast nutrient is an excellent choice for improving the overall quality of beer. The careful blend of essential nutrients lends to the health and prosperity of yeast, leading to clearer, better-tasting beer.

Additional Thoughts:

Some additional thoughts and considerations regarding BSG Fermax yeast nutrient include:


This is a relatively inexpensive product that can really make a difference in final product quality. At around $8 per pound, it is a worthwhile investment for amateur brewers looking for ways to improve their brew.


BSG Fermax yeast nutrient is readily available and can be found at many homebrew stores or online. This makes obtaining the product very easy and convenient.


While some may view yeast nutrients as an added expense or unnecessary step, it is important to understand their importance to the overall brewing process. A healthy yeast population is essential to accomplishing a good fermentation and ultimately a great beer.

Use in High Gravity Brews:

I found that adding BSG Fermax yeast nutrient to high gravity worts was particularly beneficial. The nutrient helped the yeast tolerate the elevated levels of alcohol and sugars in the wort, leading to a smoother, higher quality finished product.

Organic Certification:

For those looking to use organic ingredients in their brewing, BSG Fermax yeast nutrient is available in an organic certification as well. This is a great option for those trying to remain true to organic principles throughout the brewing process.

Possible Negative Effects:

While using BSG Fermax yeast nutrient may enhance the quality of your beer, it is important to understand its possible negative effects as well. It can, when added improperly or negligently, contribute to a change in flavor or aroma. It is also possible to overuse or misuse this product, which can lead to undesirable results.

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Final Thoughts:

Overall, BSG Fermax yeast nutrient is an excellent addition to any brewing process. Its ability to enhance yeast health and propagate a healthy population can lead to better beer all around. With a low cost and easy availability, it is worth giving this product a try.

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