Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Iron with Smart Steam Technology, White/Silver

Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Technology Review

Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Technology Review


The Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Technology is an advanced and innovative steam iron designed to make your ironing experience more efficient and effective. With its quick press technology, this iron delivers powerful steam and ironing performance, making it a perfect tool for both household and professional use.

Design and Features

The F976 features a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable grip during prolonged ironing sessions. It is equipped with a non-stick soleplate that glides smoothly over any fabric, reducing friction and preventing wrinkles. The iron also features a 3-way motion-sensitive automatic shutoff system, providing safety and peace of mind.

Quickpress Technology

One of the standout features of the F976 is its Quickpress technology. This innovative feature enables the iron to heat up quickly, allowing you to start ironing in no time. The powerful steam output ensures deep penetration into the fabric, effectively removing wrinkles and creases with minimal effort.

Variable Steam Control

The iron comes with a variable steam control feature that allows you to adjust the steam output according to your needs. Whether you’re working with delicate fabrics or heavy-duty materials, the F976 provides customized steam levels for superior ironing results.


When it comes to performance, the Black & Decker F976 excels in delivering outstanding results. The powerful steam burst function effortlessly removes stubborn wrinkles, while the continuous steam flow ensures smooth gliding over various types of fabrics. The non-stick soleplate ensures even heat distribution for a professional finish.

Large Water Tank

The iron comes with a generously sized water tank, allowing for longer ironing sessions without constant refilling. The tank is easy to fill and translucent, so you can easily monitor the water level and refill when necessary.

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Audible Temperature Settings

The F976 features audible temperature settings, allowing you to select the perfect temperature for different fabrics. The audible alerts ensure that you never mistakenly set the wrong temperature, avoiding any potential damage to your garments.

Ease of Use

The Black & Decker F976 is designed with user-friendly features that make ironing a breeze. The iron has a 360-degree swivel cord that prevents tangles and provides maximum maneuverability. It also has a large, easy-to-read temperature dial that allows for precise control and quick adjustments.

Self-Cleaning Function

Cleaning the iron is a hassle-free process with the F976’s self-cleaning function. Simply follow the instructions in the manual, and the iron will remove any mineral deposits or impurities, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the appliance.

Anti-Drip System

No one likes water stains on their clothes while ironing. The F976 features an anti-drip system that prevents water leakage, providing a mess-free ironing experience. Say goodbye to those frustrating water spots!


Black & Decker is known for manufacturing durable and reliable appliances, and the F976 is no exception. The iron is built to withstand long hours of ironing and regular use without compromising its performance. Its rugged construction ensures longevity and a great return on investment.


  • Quickpress technology for fast heat-up
  • Variable steam control for different fabric types
  • Powerful steam burst function for stubborn wrinkles
  • Large water tank for longer ironing sessions
  • Audible temperature settings for precise control
  • Easy-to-use and ergonomic design
  • Self-cleaning function for hassle-free maintenance
  • Anti-drip system to prevent water leakage
  • Durable construction for long-term use
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  • Slightly heavier compared to other models
  • May take some time to master the temperature settings
  • No steam indicator light


If you are in need of a reliable and powerful steam iron that offers excellent performance, the Black & Decker F976 Quickpress Technology is a top choice. Its innovative features and durable construction make ironing a breeze, ensuring professional-looking results every time. Say goodbye to wrinkled clothes and hello to perfectly pressed garments with the Black & Decker F976!

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