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Bissell Commercial BG9100NM Rechargeable Cordless Review

The Bissell Commercial BG9100NM Rechargeable Cordless is a versatile and reliable cleaning tool that is perfect for both commercial and residential use. With its rechargeable battery and cordless design, it offers unmatched convenience and ease of use.

Efficient Cleaning

One of the standout features of the BG9100NM is its powerful suction and cleaning capability. Whether you’re dealing with dirt, dust, or pet hair, this vacuum can handle it all. It is equipped with a high-performance motor that ensures optimal cleaning performance every time.

Additionally, the BG9100NM comes with various attachments that make it even more effective. The crevice tool is perfect for reaching tight spaces, while the dusting brush is great for delicate surfaces. The upholstery tool is perfect for cleaning furniture and drapes, while the wide nozzle is ideal for cleaning large areas.

Convenient Design

The BG9100NM is designed with convenience in mind. Its cordless design allows for hassle-free cleaning without the limitations of a cord. This means you can clean any room in your home or office without having to constantly switch outlets.

Furthermore, the rechargeable battery ensures that you never run out of power in the middle of a cleaning session. With just a few hours of charging, you’ll have more than enough power to clean your entire space.

Ergonomic and Lightweight

The BG9100NM is not only a powerful cleaning tool but also ergonomic and lightweight. Its compact design makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces. Whether you need to clean under the couch or behind the bookshelf, this vacuum can do it all.

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Additionally, the lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around, allowing you to clean multiple rooms without straining your arm. You won’t have to worry about fatigue or discomfort while using this vacuum.

Quiet Operation

One of the advantages of the BG9100NM is its quiet operation. Unlike traditional vacuums that produce loud noises, this vacuum operates quietly, making it perfect for use in environments where silence is important.

This is particularly beneficial for commercial establishments such as offices, hotels, and restaurants. You can clean during business hours without disturbing employees or customers.

Durable Construction

The BG9100NM is built to last. It is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. Whether you use it for light cleaning or heavy-duty tasks, this vacuum will continue to perform flawlessly.

This durability not only ensures that you get your money’s worth but also provides peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. You won’t have to worry about constantly replacing your vacuum.

Easy Maintenance

In addition to its exceptional performance, the BG9100NM is also easy to maintain. The removable dirt bin allows for quick and easy emptying, eliminating the need for messy bags. Simply empty the bin, rinse it out, and it’s ready for the next use.

Furthermore, the washable filters ensure that the vacuum remains in optimal condition. Regularly cleaning the filters will prolong the life of the vacuum and maintain its cleaning performance.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the BG9100NM have been impressed with its performance and reliability. Many have commended its powerful suction, stating that it easily picks up dirt and debris from various surfaces.

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Users have also appreciated the convenience of the cordless design, as it allows for unrestricted movement and efficient cleaning. The long battery life has also been praised, as it eliminates the need for frequent charging.

Furthermore, customers have found the attachments to be extremely useful. From cleaning stairs to removing pet hair from upholstery, the various tools have proven to be versatile and effective.


The Bissell Commercial BG9100NM Rechargeable Cordless is a top-quality cleaning tool that offers exceptional performance, convenience, and durability. Its efficient suction, versatile attachments, and cordless design make it perfect for both commercial and residential use.

With its long battery life and lightweight construction, you’ll be able to clean multiple rooms without any hassle. The quiet operation ensures that you can clean during business hours without disturbing others.

Investing in the BG9100NM means investing in a reliable and efficient cleaning tool that will last for years to come. Say goodbye to bulky and noisy vacuums and experience the convenience and power of the Bissell Commercial BG9100NM.

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