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Bassinet Bedside Sleeper With Portable Design – KoolaBaby Review


As a new parent, it is important to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep. The KoolaBaby bedside sleeper bassinet is specifically designed to meet the needs both of parents and babies. This product is portable and easy to use, making it ideal for sharing a room with a partner or co-sleeping. We will be reviewing the KoolaBaby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper and why it is worth looking into for your baby’s sleep needs.

Features and benefits

Portable Design

The KoolaBaby bedside sleeper bassinet is portable. The portable design of the KoolaBaby bassinet makes it easy to move from one room to the next. This is a great feature for parents who want to keep their baby close at hand. This bassinet is easy to take with you, whether you’re traveling or staying over night.

Adjustable Height

The height of the bedside sleeper can easily be adjusted to suit your bed. This makes it easy to care for your baby at night. You can check on your baby without getting out of bed with the height adjustment feature.

Mesh Sides

The KoolaBaby bedside sleeper bassinet has mesh sides that allow for increased airflow to keep your baby cool. You can also keep an eye on your baby’s progress while they sleep with the mesh sides.

Sturdy Base

The base of the bassinet is sturdy and provides stability to prevent it from tipping. This ensures your baby is secure and safe while they sleep.

It’s easy to clean

The KoolaBaby bedside sleeper bassinet is easy to clean. The removable and washable mattress cover makes it easy for parents to keep their baby’s bassinet clean.

Storage Space

The bassinet comes with a storage bag that can be used for diapers, wipes, and clothes. Parents will find it easy to have all they need at their fingertips with this extra storage space.

Pros and cons


  • It is portable and easy to move around in any room.
  • The height adjustment feature is convenient for parents and ensures that the baby’s reach is always possible.
  • Mesh sides allow for increased airflow and visibility.
  • Sturdy base provides stability and safety for your baby.
  • It is easy to clean and makes it easy for parents to maintain healthy conditions.
  • The storage basket offers extra storage space for baby essentials, making sure parents have everything they need at their fingertips.


  • The bassinet can only be used by babies under 5 months of age.
  • It may not be suitable for all types of beds or sizes.
  • It may take some effort and time to put together.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have praised the KoolaBaby bedside sleeper bassinet for its versatility and convenience. One customer said, “This is the perfect solution to parents who want their baby close at all times.” It’s portable design makes it easy for me to move and the height adjustment feature keeps my baby within reach. Another customer stated, “The mesh sides provide increased ventilation and I can see my baby while they sleep.” A storage basket with lid is a great addition. However, customers have had issues with the assembly and compatibility with their specific bed size or type. One customer said, “It took me a while to assemble the bassinet. It may not fit all sizes or types of beds.” It had to be adjusted to fit my bed. “Overall, the KoolaBaby bedside sleeper is a great product. Many customers have praised it as a convenient and comfortable solution for their babies.


The KoolaBaby bedside sleeper bassinet is a great choice for parents who need a convenient and portable sleeping solution for their baby. This bassinet offers safety and comfort for your baby with its adjustable height, mesh sides and sturdy base. Although it is not suitable for all types of beds, many customers find it to be a great option for cosleeping and room sharing with their baby.

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