ATsense Duvet Cover King Size, 100% Washed Cotton Linen Feel Super Soft Comfortable, 3-Piece White D

ATsense Washed Cotton Bedding 3-Piece Review

The Perfect Bedding to Make You Sleep Well at Night

Every little detail matters when it comes to bedding. You want to get a good night’s sleep. ATsense Washed Cotton Bedding 3 Pieces provides exactly that. This bedding set is perfect for anyone who wants to have all-round bedding. It combines comfort, simplicity, durability and style.

What sets ATsense Washed Cotton Bedding 3-Piece apart?

The bedding set includes a duvet cover, two pillowcases and a duvet cover made of 100% washed Cotton. Washing cotton is softer than other bedding materials.

What can you expect from the package?

Each 3-Piece ATsense Washed Cotton Bed Bedding 3-Piece includes three pieces:

1. A Duvet Cover

The duvet covers measure 90 x 90 inches and are perfect for a queen-sized bed. The cover features a zipper closure and four corner tie to hold your comforter in its place.

2. Pillowcases

These pillowcases measure 20″x26″ and have an envelope closure to hold your pillows in place.

Features and benefits


The ATsense Washed cotton bedding 3-piece is made for durability and long-lasting use. The bedding set’s shape and texture will not change even after repeated washes due to the washed cotton material.


Uncomfortable beds are a nightmare for many. The ATsense Washed Cotton Bed 3-Piece will ensure that you have a comfortable, soft, and cozy night’s sleep.

Simple Maintenance

When buying bedding, maintenance is an important factor. This bedding set is easy to wash, iron, and dry clean. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried, making it easy to maintain.

Simple Design

The ATsense Washed cotton bedding 3-piece is the perfect choice for those who don’t like bright and bold beddings. The set features a simple, yet elegant design that will enhance any room’s decor.

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Pros and cons


  • High-quality washed cotton that is both soft and durable.
  • The duvet cover stays in place thanks to the corner ties and zipper closure.
  • It can last for months, or even years, and still retains its amazing quality.
  • Bedrooms are more aesthetic.
  • It doesn’t wrinkle as much so less ironing is necessary.


  • The cover is not available for all sizes.
  • Stain resistance is not possible
  • Some comforters may not fit snugly in thicker comforters.


The ATsense Washed Cotton Bedding 3 Piece Set is well worth the investment. This bedding set is a great investment because of its simple, elegant design and high-quality material. It is the ideal bedding set for anyone looking to save money because of its durability, ease of maintenance, and comfort.

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