Amazon Basics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote - Cools 250 Square Feet, 6000 B

AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner


AmazonBasics Window Mounted Air Conditioner is the perfect cooling solution for hot summer days. The remote control makes it easy to install the air conditioner in any window. Customers love it because it cools the room quickly.

Design and Features

The AmazonBasics Window Mounted Air Conditioner is sleek and modern. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy for you to install. It also comes with an air filter that can be washed and reused, which helps to reduce your energy consumption while keeping the air clean.


The AmazonBasics Window-Mounted AC Conditioner is easy to install. The manual provides step-by-step instructions for how to install the air conditioner.

Cooling Performance

The AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is able to cool rooms up to 350 sq. ft. with a cooling capacity exceeding 8000 BTUs. It can be set up to run at three speeds and has a dehumidification function.

Noise Level

AmazonBasics Window Mounted Air Conditioner emits 51 decibels of noise, making it relatively quiet. When in use, it does not disrupt your sleep or work.

Remote Control is User-Friendly

AmazonBasics Window Mounted Air Conditioners come with a simple remote control that allows for remote control. The remote control is simple in design and has easy-to-use buttons that make it easy for you to use.

Energy Efficiency

The AmazonBasics Window Mounted Air Conditioner is Energy Star Certified. This means it meets the Energy Efficiency Guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. It has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 12.0, which helps you to lower your energy costs.

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  • It is easy to install
  • Remote control that is easy to use
  • Ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms
  • Cost-effective and energy-efficient
  • Noise level is acceptable


  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • Customers have complained about fan speed control issues.
  • Remote control may not always work over long distances


AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air conditioner is a great investment for anyone looking for a cost-effective and efficient cooling solution. Customers love its sleek design, ease of installation, and easy-to-use remote control. It is a great choice for cooling your home because of its energy-efficient features as well as cost-effectiveness.

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