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5 Star Review for Natural Jute Fabric Burlap Ribbon

While the Natural Jute Fabric Burlap Ribbon may be a great choice for some crafters, I would not personally recommend it. In my experience, there are too many issues with this ribbon that outweigh its eco-friendliness and rustic look. Overall, I would give this ribbon a two-star review and suggest looking for other options if possible.

Very Prone to Shedding and Fraying

One of the primary issues I’ve encountered with the Natural Jute Fabric Burlap Ribbon is that it is extremely prone to shedding and fraying. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to work with the ribbon, as you may need to trim away loose fibers or bits to get a cleaner finish. This issue may also impact the overall durability of the ribbon, as it can weaken the fibers over time.

Difficult to Work with and Shape

Another issue I’ve had with the Natural Jute Fabric Burlap Ribbon is that it can be difficult to work with and shape. Because of its natural, uneven texture, it can be challenging to get the ribbon to lie flat or hold its shape. This can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to achieve more complex designs or shapes with the ribbon.

Limited in Terms of Color and Style Options

One other issue I’ve encountered with this ribbon is that it is limited in terms of color and style options. While its natural, rustic look may work well for certain themes and projects, it may not be ideal for others. Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific color or shade, you may not be able to find it with this ribbon. Consider your needs and preferences carefully before choosing this ribbon for your projects.

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May Be Too Rough or Scratchy for Some Uses

Finally, the Natural Jute Fabric Burlap Ribbon may be too rough or scratchy for some uses. If you’re looking for a ribbon to use in a project that requires a soft, smooth finish, this may not be the best option for you. Additionally, its rough texture may make it uncomfortable to wear or handle in some cases.

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