Color Changing Fairy String Lights - 33 ft 100 LED USB Silver Wire Lights with Remote an

100LEDs Color Changing Fairy Lights Review: Add a Twinkle to Your Bedroom, Patio, or Christmas Tree


Looking for a way to add a magical touch to your living space or a festive vibe to your holiday decoration? Look no further than the 100LEDs Color Changing Fairy Lights! With 100 mini LED bulbs on a 33ft copper wire, these fairy lights can create a dreamy ambiance wherever you use them. In this review, I will share my experience with the 100LEDs fairy lights and tell you why they are worth considering.

Design and Features

The 100LEDs fairy lights come in a compact package, and the copper wire and light bulbs are tightly wrapped to prevent tangling during shipping. The copper wire is flexible and can be shaped easily to fit your decoration style. The 100 LED bulbs are evenly spaced on the copper wire, and each bulb can emit seven different colors, allowing you to choose from multiple color modes, including flash, fade, and smooth. The lights come with a handy remote control that can control the color, brightness, and modes of the lights. The remote has a range of up to 16ft and can work through walls, so you can adjust the settings from afar.

Installation and Setup

Installing the 100LEDs fairy lights is effortless. You can simply unfold the copper wire and drape it over your desired area, like a bedroom wall, an outdoor patio, or a Christmas tree. The wire is thin and transparent and can blend well with the background. The lights come with a USB plug that can be connected to a power source, such as a USB port, a power bank, or an AC adapter. The lights consume only 3 watts per hour, so they are energy-efficient and safe to use. Once you plug in the lights, you can use the remote control to turn them on and adjust the settings.

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Performance and Quality

I am impressed by the performance and quality of the 100LEDs fairy lights. The lights are bright and vivid, and the colors are beautiful and vivid. The seven colors can match any occasion or mood, whether it’s a warm yellow for a cozy evening, a cool blue for an underwater party, or a multicolor for a carnival. The remote control is responsive and user-friendly, and the modes are easy to switch. The lights are durable and can withstand mild weather or indoor use. They don’t heat up or flicker and can last up to 50,000 hours, which is longer than most traditional bulbs. I have used the lights for several weeks, and they still work like new.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, the 100LEDs fairy lights have their pros and cons. Here are some of them:Pros:1. 100 mini LED bulbs on a 33ft copper wire, create a magical ambiance2. Seven different colors and multiple modes, suitable for any occasion3. Remote control with a range of up to 16ft, easy to operate4. Energy-efficient and safe to use, consume only 3 watts per hour5. Durable and long-lasting, can work up to 50,000 hours6. Compact and easy to store, come with a handy packagingCons:1. The copper wire is delicate and can be easily bent or broken2. The lights may not be bright enough for outdoor use in bright sunlight3. The USB plug may not fit all types of power sources, may require an adapter


Overall, I highly recommend the 100LEDs Color Changing Fairy Lights to anyone who wants to add a twinkle to their living space or make their holiday season more festive. These lights are versatile, easy to use, and durable, and they can create a dreamy ambiance that will delight you and your guests. The price is affordable, and the quality is excellent. Whether you use them for a daily decoration or a special occasion, the 100LEDs fairy lights will not disappoint you. So go ahead and give them a try, and see the magic happens!

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