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What’sBedding Comforter Review: The Best Hypoallergenic Stand-Alone Comforter


The What’sBedding Comforter is a great option if you’re in search of a new comforter. This hypoallergenic, stand-alone comforter is made of microfiber that looks like feathers. It promises to provide ultimate warmth, softness and durability. How does it perform in real life? Based on our research and personal experience, this review will be honest.

Design and Materials

The What’sBedding Comforter was created to replicate the luxurious feel of down comforters but without any animal products. It is filled with hypoallergenic microfiber, which feels and acts like feathers but doesn’t cause allergies. The shell is finely stitched with microfiber filling to prevent shifting or clumping. This ensures that the comforter feels like feathers but doesn’t cause allergies. The comforter’s shell has a box-stitch pattern that adds elegance and increases its insulation. You can choose the size that fits your bed best: twin (64x88in), queen (88x88in), king (190x102in), or oversize king (1120x98in).

Comfort and warmth

Comforters are judged on their ability to keep you comfortable and warm. The What’sBedding Comforter was given a spin by us to see if it lived up to its claims. We were immediately impressed with how light and warm the comforter is. The comforter was light and comfortable to snuggle in, and it didn’t feel bulky or heavy. The What’sBedding Comforter is lightweight but soft and smooth to the touch. It was the perfect amount of insulation to keep us warm on cold nights. We didn’t need to add blankets. The comforter was also very soft and breathable throughout our sleep. It didn’t lose its shape or warmth.

Care Instructions and Hypoallergenic Information

The What’sBedding Comforter’s hypoallergenic feature is one of its main selling points. The hypoallergenic features of the What’sBedding Comforter include a microfiber filling and a polyester shell that should prevent the growth or mold from causing respiratory problems. The comforter lived up to its promises. We didn’t experience any irritation or allergies while using it. The comforter should be washed separately in cold water and mild detergent. Next, tumble dry it on low heat. The company recommends against bleaching, fabric softeners, and ironing the comforter. These instructions will help prolong the comforter’s lifespan and keep it cozy and fluffy.

Value and price

When buying a new comforter you must consider the price. The What’sBedding Comforter falls within a sensible range. The price of the comforter varies depending on its size. It starts at $30 for a twin size and ends at $50 for a king size. Although it’s not the most affordable comforter on the market it’s definitely not the most expensive. If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish, and reliable comforter that will add comfort to your bed, this is the one.

What customers are saying

We looked through Amazon reviews to see what other customers thought about the What’sBedding Comforter. We found the following: Many customers were impressed by the comforter’s light and fluffy feel. They said it helped them sleep well all night. Many customers commented that they switched from down comforters to the What’sBedding Comforter, and that it was light and fluffy. They also felt that it provided enough insulation. This was only a small number of customers who were unhappy with the comforter’s warmth. Some customers had issues with the fabric shedding and the filling clumping after washing. Others reported no such issues, and recommended following the care instructions to avoid any problems. Customers love the comforter’s softness, warmth and hypoallergenic features.

Pros and cons

We’ve reviewed the What’sBedding Comforter and compiled a list with its pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.


We give the What’sBedding Comforter an overall solid thumbs up. It exceeded all our expectations in terms softness, warmth, hyp0allergenic features, and other aspects. Although some people might find it too thin for their needs, we found it to provide the right amount of insulation without being too heavy. It is affordable and offers great value considering the quality of the materials used. Anyone who wants to improve their sleep experience with a comfortable, fluffy comforter is recommended.

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