Set Of 2 Puerto Rico Window Hanging Flags - Rear view Mirror & Double Sided - 1) Black & Whi

Experience the Stunning Beauty of Puerto Rico with These Window Hanging Flags


A flag that represents your country is a great way to show your love and passion. The Puerto Rico Window Hanging Flags make a great accessory, especially if your a proud Puerto Rican citizen or a fan of its beauty. These flags are ideal for anyone who wants to bring a little bit of Puerto Rico into their homes or offices. These flags can be hung on windows so that you can take in the beautiful view of Puerto Rico every single day.

Design and quality

These window hanging flags are made of high-quality polyester and have a long life expectancy. It is lightweight and easy to hang. Each flag measures 35 cm x 45cm. These flags are inspired by the Puerto Rican flag. The combination of bright red, navy blue, white, and pure black creates a striking statement. You can see the design on both sides of this fabric so you can enjoy its beauty from inside and out.

Easy Installation

The Puerto Rico Window Hanging Flags are equipped with suction cups that can be attached to your windowpane. Simply dampen the suction cups, and then stick them to the glass surface. Before hanging the flags, make sure the surface is dry and clean. The flags will stay in place even in windy conditions because the suction cups are strong.

Uses and Applications

These flags can be used for many purposes and occasions. These flags can be used to decorate your house, office, or vehicle. They are also great for outdoor events such as parades and festivals. These flags can be waved in the air to show support for your favorite sports team or country. These flags are a great way to show your appreciation for their culture and heritage.

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Window Hanging Flags: Benefits

Hanging window flags have many advantages over traditional flags that must be flown on a pole. These benefits include:


Because they can be displayed without the use of a flagpole, window hanging flags are very convenient to use. They are also very easy to set up and remove, making them ideal for temporary displays.

No Maintenance Required

Window hanging flags are much more durable than traditional flags and don’t need to be maintained. They don’t require any maintenance. You can just stick them on the window, and then enjoy.

Safe for Indoor Use

Window hanging flags can be used indoors without any additional fixtures or poles. They are ideal for apartment dwellers and those who live in areas that have strict homeowner association rules.

Customer Reviews

Here are the top reviews of the Puerto Rico Window Hanging Flags. They are lightweight and easy to hang. They came with suction cups which held my window in place without any problems. They are vibrant and stand out. These flags were a big hit at my daughter’s birthday party. The flags were a huge hit with the kids. They looked great on the windows and were fun to wave around. These flags are easy to decorate with and I highly recommend them. “I am so happy with my purchase!” These flags are great for supporting Puerto Rico and they are of excellent quality. They have held up in the rain and wind, and the suction cups work perfectly.


The Puerto Rico Window Hanging Flags are a great way to show your love for Puerto Rico. They are lightweight, durable, and easy-to-install. These flags will make a statement in your home, car, or office. Why wait? Get your Puerto Rico Window Hanging Flags now and show your pride!

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