Baseboard Buddy – Baseboard & Molding Cleaning Tool! Includes 1 Baseboard Buddy and

Baseboard Buddy Review: The Ultimate Solution for Cleaning Baseboards and Moldings


Baseboard Buddy is a simple way to clean your baseboards. Baseboard Buddy is an excellent product that removes dirt, dust, and grime quickly and efficiently from your baseboards.


The Baseboard Buddy is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. The handle can reach up to 4 feet and allows you to reach high places. You can adjust the head to clean different types baseboards and moldings.

It’s easy to use

The Baseboard Buddy is easy to use. Attach the cleaning pad to the baseboard buddy, adjust the angle of the head, and then you can start cleaning. The cleaning pad can be washed and reused, so you don’t need to buy them again.


The Baseboard Buddy is a great tool for cleaning baseboards and moldings. It removes dirt and grime quickly and thoroughly, leaving no residue or scratches. It can clean various types of baseboards and moldings thanks to its adjustable head.

Baseboard Buddy: Benefits

The Baseboard Buddy offers many benefits. The Baseboard Buddy has many benefits, including:

Efficient Cleaning

The Baseboard Buddy cleans baseboards, moldings quickly and leaves them looking new.


The Baseboard Buddy makes it easier to clean your baseboards and mouldings than other cleaning methods.


Baseboard Buddy can be reused, so you don’t need to buy new ones. It will save you money over the long-term.


The Baseboard Buddy’s ergonomic design makes it easy to use even for extended periods of time.

How to Use Baseboard Buddy

It is simple to use the Baseboard Buddy. These are the steps:

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Step 1: Attach the Cleaning pad

Attach the cleaning pad to your Baseboard Buddy.

Step 2: Adjust the head

Adjust the angle of the Head of the Baseboard Buddy to clean the baseboards or moldings.

Step 3: Get started cleaning

Use the Baseboard Buddy to gently clean the baseboards.

Step 4: Continue

Continue this process until all of your baseboards have been cleaned.

FAQs about Baseboard Buddy

Q: Can Baseboard Buddy also be used on moldings and baseboards?

A: No. Baseboard Buddy was designed to clean baseboards, moldings.

Q: How often should I clean my moldings and baseboards?

It all depends on how much traffic you have in your home. You may need to clean your baseboards or moldings more often if you have small children or pets.

Q: How long does the cleaning cloth last?

A: The cleaning pads can be washed and reused. It can be used multiple times depending on how frequently you clean your baseboards or moldings.

Q: Can Baseboard Buddy be used on painted floors and walls?

A: No. Baseboard Buddy is not recommended to be used on painted floors and walls as it can scratch the surface.


Baseboard Buddy is a great cleaning tool that makes it easy to clean baseboards and other moldings. It is easy to use, efficient, lightweight, and easy to handle. Baseboard Buddy is a great way to keep your moldings and baseboards looking new. It is definitely worth the investment.

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